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Surprise your loved ones on their birthdays with Hand-picked and mindfully curated Zodiac Crystal Kit to complement their star sign.


Celebrate the beauty of your connection this Valentines with this beautiful crystal Kit that speaks volumes without saying a word.


Manifesting with Crystals

Imagine a bubble of energy around you—it's like your personal vibe that reflects how you feel inside. Crystals, those pretty rocks, have their own vibes too. When you hang out with crystals, it's like they share some of their good vibes with your personal bubble. They help you feel calmer, more positive, and focused on what you want. It's like having a little cheerleader for your dreams! So, when you use crystals while thinking about what you want in life (that's manifesting), they kind of team up with your thoughts and make them extra powerful. It's like having a secret helper in the energy world, cheering you on as you go after your dreams!

Crystal Pick of the Month

Rose Quartz, promotes a sense of calm, emotional balance, and an open heart. This beautiful gemstone, well known for its soft and caring energy, is said to improve compassion and open the heart to accept and give love. It radiates positive vibrations that not only foster harmony in personal relationships but also attract love and joy into one's life.

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  • Ayush Khandelwal

    Thrilled with my Gemanifest crystals! The quality is outstanding, and their unique energies have noticeably improved my well-being. Gemanifest is my top choice for genuine, high-quality metaphysical treasures.


  • Ramnet Khor

    Couldn't be happier with my recent Gemanifest purchase. The crystals are not only beautiful but also radiate transformative energy. Secure packaging and excellent service make them my go-to source for metaphysical gems.


  • kiara Singh

    Gemanifest's crystals are truly transformative. Their beauty and distinct energies align perfectly with my spiritual journey. Outstanding customer service and a wide range of authentic products make Gemanifest my preferred choice for crystals and gemstones.


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