About Us

Brand Story

I am a Software Engineer and was working with a Tech Company but my life took a colorful turn when I married Sameer. He is into gemstones and jewelry business. I was fascinated by the beauty of colorful and powerful gemstones. I started learning about the magical powers of the gemstones. I spent years researching about healing crystals and their properties, their use in daily life, setting intentions with crystals, combining them with ancient symbols, and aligning the chakras.

I started creating different formulas by combining different crystals and ancient symbols and infusing them with the positive energy of affirmations and applied those formulas in real life. Be it burying the crystals in the soil for better growth of my House Plants, surrounding my Bedroom with the Love Crystals, or placing grounding stones at the main entrance for safety and security, I did it all with gratitude and positivity. And the results are truly Magical!

I wanted to spread the good vibes world wide and shared it with my husband. With over 15 years of expertise in Gemstones and Jewelry, he turned my dream into reality. Thus was born GEMANIFEST.

Our mission is to bring happiness, positivity and abundance to your life by using the powerful combo of magical gemstones and positive affirmations.

If you dream of your success story, then manifest it with GEMANIFEST and turn your dreams into reality!

Nikita Samar